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Oписание продукта

Product lamp: With Osram lamp, 5000h without light failure.
Circuit protection: reverse connection protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, protection of the product\'s safety, but also care for the car engine and power supply..
Product Circuit: The circuit board uses an aluminum substrate and has a good heat dissipation function.
Product mold: All mold steel materials use H136.
Lampshade material: transparent parts using anti-UV material to ensure that no yellowing within 5 years.
Product Process: The electroplating process is based on seven-layer standards to ensure that it does not age within 3 years.
Product light distribution: Reflector cups have undergone rigorous optical light distribution, 45 degree light emission angle, and the light source is more concentrated.
Product brightness: The light brightness reaches 600 standard lumens.
Product light distribution: The reflective angle reaches the depot\'s standard of 120 degrees.
Product Installation: The original car connector is easier to install.
Product data: ensure that the loading degree is within +-0.2mm from original parts.
Working temperature: High and low temperature tests pass -40 degrees +120 degrees, on icebergs and snow, safe driving in the hot sun.
Test function: After rain simulation test and immersion simulation test, waterproof test passed IP67 certification.



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