L.K.S MH DA004 MINI ES9038pro DAC USB DSD Crystek CCHD575 Clock XLR PCM and DSD decoding USB/Optical/I2S/AES/EBU/COAX

L.K.S MH DA004 MINI ES9038pro DAC USB DSD Crystek CCHD575 Clock XLR PCM and DSD decoding USB/Optical/I2S/AES/EBU/COAX
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Oписание продукта

L.K.S Audio MH-DA004Mini Dual ES9038pro Flagship DAC Audio Decoder



Bundle 1: Standard USB Edition

Bundle 2: Upgrade USB Edition


DA004Mini\\\'s design ideas are derived from the highly acclaimed DA004 Ultimate, Mini Miniature form factor, retaining most of the essence of DA004 Ultimate, such as Crystek femtosecond clock, unique Class A discrete output circuit, multi-channel ultra-low noise Power and so on, the Mini\\\'s new miniaturized decoder has a very good sound base.


The MH-DA004Mini is available in two configuration versions:
The first is the standard version, the internal use of the Italian Amanero USB module is standard, and the module uses a common active crystal.
The second is the USB upgrade version, which uses two expensive Crystek CCHD-957 ultra-low time base jitter active clocks to make the sound field wider and the sound more vivid, full and transparent.
For those who use USB to connect to a computer, we recommend you purchase a USB upgrade.
The difference between the two versions is only in the USB receiving part, the other parts are exactly the same, and the USB part will not affect the performance of other interfaces of the DAC.
Product description:
★ Use ESS single ES9038pro DAC chip
★ Crystek CCHD575 ultra low jitter clock as master (82fS)
★ Class A output circuit from DA004 Ultimate
★ 6 sets of AC power supply, total 12 sets of linear regulated power supply design
★ Italy Amanero USB solution (USB and motherboard made electrical isolation design)
★ Built-in CSR Bluetooth module (CSR8670) supports APTX
★ Rich input ports (AES, coaxial, optical, USB, single-ended I2S, balanced I2S)
★ Single-ended and balanced output with mute function
★ Two high quality power transformers
★ Full-featured remote control
All ports of MH-DA004Mini DAC support DSD input (coaxial, optical, BNC, AES/EBU for DoP input, USB, I2S, etc. support DoP, DSD native source input)
The Italian Amanero USB module used in this machine supports PCM and DSD decoding in USB access mode.
PCM supports various code rates from 44.1K to 384K. DSD supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 (Windows).
Support for 32/64-bit XP/Vista/win7/win8/win10 on Windows systems requires the installation of a proprietary driver (supports KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO).
No driver required for Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux UAC2
     1. Single chip ES9038pro decoding mode.
      2. Two high quality toroidal transformers with a total of 12 sets of linear power supplies.
      3. Built-in specially designed Italian Amanero USB module, authorized by the original license. The USB module adds a ground isolation chip to isolate the computer\\\'s interference signal to the sound system.
      4. Support USB, I2S/DSD single-ended signal (RJ45), I2S/DSD balanced signal (HDMI), coaxial, AES/EBU balance, fiber-optic six-way source input, all ports support DSD input.
      5. The analog audio output port includes a standard RCA single-ended output and a pair of XLR balanced outputs.
      6. The display adopts VFD display, and the display effect is exceptional.
      7. Use physical button operation.
      8. Support 0dB~-127dB digital volume adjustment, 0.5dB level. At the same time, it also has the function of remote control one-button skip volume adjustment.
      9. Support multiple digital filter mode settings (see user manual for details). It can be arbitrarily chosen. The attenuation characteristics of the digital filter are different in different filtering modes.
      10. Support decoding internal digital phase-locked loop bandwidth setting (see user manual for details).
      11. Support Deemphasis to increase or decrease.
      12. The display has 4 levels of brightness adjustable. Adjust with the remote control.
      13. Most of the settings have a memory function, the shutdown will automatically save the settings, and restore the settings when restarting.
      14. Dynamic range > 134dB
      15. Distortion <0.0002%
      16. Stereo resolution >120dB
      17. RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 2Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 5Vrms.
      18. Machine size 290* deep 385* high 85mm
      19. Machine net weight 5.8kg
package listing:

1. Remote control*1

2. Manual *1

3. Product certificate

4. Power cord

5. USB cable

6. MH-DA004Mini unit